Here are some of the nice things my clients have said about me!

“Our agent was great!  Stacey was super informative and took her time to explain things to us – first time home buyers.  She was persistent and a good advocate on our behalf with the seller.  What can you do better?  Um, I don’t know – because our agent was fantastic!”

– M. Rosas

“I thought I’d go the extra mile and tell you how much I enjoyed working with Stacey. Mine was an especially arduous and emotional home search with 4 failed bids.  I am ecstatic with my house now–I have Stacey to thank for coaching me, she really recognized that I could and should make the commitment to my price range and buying area.  It really feels good to have an already fixed-up beauty in the Richmond Hills.  Great coach, great friend, totally reliable in the contract side. I’d also like to compliment her on her ability to stay with the situation even while her Mom was finishing the last of her days in the hospital.”

– D. Wolfe

“Stacey went above and beyond, stayed in constant contact, met contractors for me since I live out of state, caused the slumlord owner of the property next door to clean up his property and a host of other things to close the deal! She was an angel sent to help me through the very difficult sale.  She is worth more than her weight in gold and her leadership, people skills, business and organizational skills took much of the worry away as I went through this process.  I knew I was in good hands!”

– B. Coker

“Stacey, you are my girl for life, and when I get ready to do another transaction, you will be the one I call!  I can only tell you now that I swell with emotion to think what you have done for me!  God bless you Stacey, you are an angel and I hope that God blesses you on the daily because you deserve it!  PS:  Mark it on your calendar two years from today, so we can look to put me into something new.”

– H. Chavez

“Stacey provided detailed real estate information and sold my grandfather’s home.  She proved to be a trustworthy, consistent, and reliable resource.”

– M. Stevenson

“The world needs more honest and sincere people like Stacey! I’ve known Stacey for the last 4 years in real estate; and she has made real estate a success for herself by doing business the correct way; with care. I highly recommend her.”

– D. Hom

“I was moved by Stacey’s passion for real estate and her upbeat and engaging demeanor.  She is one of those people that leaves you feeling great about life when you are around her.”

– J. Leavenworth

“Stacey is one of those rare really experienced agents that has been through a down market before and actually has seen almost anything and everything.  She is proactive and responds to issues before they become problems. She knows her market and has connections with the city and county offices and can mitigate your exposure to liens and fines.  She enjoys challenging properties and lives to move her distressed inventory in the shortest amount of time for the lowest cost and highest return.”

– R. H. – Asset Manager

“Stacey Wilson sold my home via short sale in a little over 2 months. She was awesome and knew exactly what needed to be done and the best approach to get there.  Professional, persistent, and progress are just 3 words that come to mind when I think of her.  I will send all my friends and family for their home selling and purchasing needs!”

– R. Fleming